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Building a Local Legacy.

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About the Foundation

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The Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation, established in 1972, currently enjoys participation of 12 clubs located in the City.

Currently, five member clubs of the CRCF are registered charities with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). These five receive annual distributions direct from CRCF and re-distribute them pursuant to their status as registered charities. The remaining seven clubs which are not registered charities are required to notify CRCF which of the CRA registered charities they wish to support with their annual distributions. The CRCF then makes out cheques for those organizations and forward them to the requesting club for presentation.

Each club maintains its own balance within the Foundation and realizes returns on that balance. Since inception, the CRCF has paid out over $20 million to participating clubs, greatly enhancing their ability to fund charitable projects.

The CRCF can truly be a gift that keeps on giving. Even modest donations by members can have a major impact on returns to participating clubs.

As each club's investment grows over the years, the Fund serves as an annuity.

Stable longterm funding allows clubs to undertake accurate long-range financial planning which significantly enhances their ability to fund projects.

Where the Money Goes

Local Community Service

The Rotary Mattamy Greenway

In 2012, the 12 Rotary clubs of Calgary plus the Rotary Club of Cochrane committed significant funding of $5.0 million towards a project to build a 138 km long pathway for pedestrians and bicycles around the City of Calgary. A project of Parks Foundation Calgary, this project links existing and proposed parks, playgrounds and recreation areas, recreational and fitness areas, wetlands and interpretive areas and is reportedly longest urban pedestrian pathway in the world. For their financial support the project was initially to be named The Rotary Greenway, however, Mattamy Homes matched the contribution of the clubs and the project has subsequently been renamed. The Rotary Mattamy Greenway was officially opened in September 2017.

The Rotary/Calgary Flames partnership

In 2005 the Rotary Clubs of Calgary and Calgary South together with other clubs committed significant funding over a 5-year period to support several health related projects. These included:
  • significant financial support for Rotary Flames House a pediatric hospice and respite centre for terminally ill children located adjacent to The Alberta Children’s Hospital, $2.5 million and Rotary Flames Park playground located adjacent to Ronald McDonald House at the Alberta Children’s Hospital - $0.5 million

The Rotary Flames Gift for Medical advancement also supported the following initiatives:
  • The Southern Alberta Institute of Urology is the largest and most comprehensive urology centre in Canada and the first to offer a multi-disciplinary patient-centered approach to urological care - $1.5 million. It is also the home of the Prostate Cancer and the Alberta Bladder Centre
  • The Markin Institute for Public Health for life-changing research into our community by Creating Opportunities to Promote Resilience and Engagement (CORE) in schools - $1.0 million
  • The Rotary Flames Centre for the Prevention and Control of Hypertension at The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta -$1.0 million.
  • The Rotary Flames Laboratory for Spinal Cord and Injury Repair at The Hotchkiss Brain Institute -$1.0 million
  • The NeuroArm Robotic System, the world’s first image guided surgical robot that can operate within a magnetic resonance imaging device - $1.0 million.
  • The Alberta Bone and Joint Institute’s program to make Alberta’s bone and joint health the best in the world - $1.0 million

Rotary Challenger Park

Years earlier, many of the Calgary based Rotary clubs, along with the Rotary Clubs of Airdrie and Cochrane, were involved in the creation of Rotary Challenger Park, a barrier free meeting and recreational facility for all persons, regardless of age or ability. Rotary Challenger Park is a model of community inclusiveness where persons with disabilities can play next to, and with, their able bodied peers. This world class facility is a result of partnerships of individuals and organizations representing over 100,000 persons in the community.
Other agencies and organizations supported by your generous contributions to The Foundation over the years in the area of Community Service include:
  • Adult literary bursaries
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Discovery House
  • Foothills Academy
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Scouts Canada
  • The Tom Baker Cancer Centre
  • William Roper Hull School

World Community Service

Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

For many years, The Rotary Club of Calgary has been a major supporter of CAWST in its programs to provide clean, safe drinking water to communities around the world. Initially, seed money was provided for a three year program to help establish and/or develop Wet Expertise Training (WET) Centres to provide leadership, training, technical consulting, educational resources and networking services. These were to be provided to government agencies, NGOs, community groups and local entrepreneurs to increase access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. As a follow up initiative, CAWST and the club, with financial support from The Government of Canada, are promoting a three year program projected to cost $600,000 to develop an additional eight WET centers worldwide to provide locally what CAWST does globally.

Taking Rotary Assistance to Communities and Children (TRACC)

This project’s mission is to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in Southern Ugandan communities by committing to the care of individuals by providing:
  • education on disease control and medical testing
  • living counselling
  • mentorship and guardianship
  • tuition and fees for education vocational training
  • micro credit programs
The project was a venture between the Rotary Club of Calgary and other local clubs plus the Rotary Clubs of Kyotera, Kaliszio and Masala in Uganda to improve the lives of 750 children, many of whom are orphans.
Other agencies and organizations supported by your generous contributions to The Foundation over the years in the area of World Community Service include:
  • Rotary International Student and Group Exchanges
  • Shelter Box
  • Sustainable Cambodia
  • various projects located in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Last Updated: June 2019

The CRCF Board is made up of members representing participating clubs.

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Rotary Club of Calgary
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Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation

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Contacting the CRCF

To contact the CRCF, please use the form on our Contact Page.

Please note:
The CRCF is not a granting organization. The CRCF manages funds on behalf of the member clubs - it does not distribute directly to charitable recipients. Organizations and individuals seeking funds are advised to contact member clubs directly. A list of clubs with contact information can be viewed here.

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