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Building a Local Legacy.

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How to Contribute

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You can help to ensure that the programs important to you and your club are able to operate in the future.
Your contribution to the Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation assists with the creation of a long term, stable funding source that will help build and maintain a local legacy for Rotary in Calgary.
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The Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation has been designed for maximum flexibility in accommodating a wide range of donation types.

From one-time donations to recurring regular contributions to complex transfers of stock, property or insurance… the CRCF is available to work with you and the individual Rotary club.

Donations from individuals can be made in many ways:
  • Cash Donations
  • Donation of Property
  • Donation of Securities
  • Bequests
  • Donation of RSP/RIF
  • Gift of a Life Insurance Policy
It is also extremely important to note that you should direct your donation through a Calgary Rotary Club of your choice.

For contributions over a certain threshold, it is also possible to place additional controls on how the proceeds from that donation will be used.

If you would like to learn more about making a donation, please use our contact form to initiate a conversation with one of our Foundation representatives.

If you prefer, you can also contact one of your club's representatives on the CRCF Board directly.
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All funds pooled within the Foundation are associated with a specific Rotary Club. As such, they offer an excellent vehicle for the clubs themselves to manage their long-term funding programs.

Regular contributions by clubs are quite normal - some clubs have set specific goals for their Foundation balances and use this as a fundraising tool in their regular course of business.

As with donations by individuals, donations made by clubs are directed by the club making the donation.

Representatives from CRCF, including your club's Board representative(s), can speak to your club about how to best take advantage of the opportunity offered by participation in the Foundation.
Updated June 2019
Contribute Online
Contributions can be made online through Canada Helps. The Rotary Clubs of Calgary has an account set up through this service which allows one time or recurring donations.

Use the link below to visit Canada Helps
It is critical to enter the proper tracking information when you make your donation.

Please indicate the specific club to which your donation should be directed.

Put this information in the box labeled: "Include a Message for this Charity" on the Canada Helps donation page.

Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation

PO Box 34040, Westbrook PO Calgary, AB T3C 3W2

Contacting the CRCF

To contact the CRCF, please use the form on our Contact Page.

Please note:
The CRCF is not a granting organization. The CRCF manages funds on behalf of the member clubs - it does not distribute directly to charitable recipients. Organizations and individuals seeking funds are advised to contact member clubs directly. A list of clubs with contact information can be viewed here.

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